We at ILP Group

believe in offering quality services to our clients and we can readily to an extra mile for ensuring the optimum level of business satisfaction among our customers. We are a complete non-profit organization aspires to become one of the most popular and trust worthy name in the Logistics Industry with the widest range of customers from all over the world. The organization holds most ethical and genuine set objectives which also act as the driving force for the ILP Group.

Values and vision as an ethical service provider is to:

  • Offer world-class logistics solutions (local as well as international) to our customers via our worldwide network.
  • To generate and popularize logistic business opportunities for our global customers and members, keeping in mind their mutual business interests.
  • To procure an open communication environment, wherein all the members working at ILP Group can actively participate in the crucial decision making process and development activities.
  • To maintain healthy and trust-based relationship between ILP Group and its customers and also among its members.
  • To make extensive and fruitful use of our resources in improvement projects that can increase network competitiveness vs. current global players.
  • To follow latest operational policy and strictly practice ISO quality standards.
  • To offer to our customers; the benefit of choice while choosing their partners so that they are fully comfortable during the business.

Missions of the organization are:

  • To identify and present international forwarding & Logistics companies
    which can easily satisfy the criterion of ILP Group Board of Directors.
  • To generate and promote business opportunities for the benefit of ILP
    Group members.
  • To make ILP Group a role-model in the world of logistics.
  • To provide world-class services to ILP Group members.
  • To generate genuine amount of funds for providing better quality
    services, facilities and administrative help to ILP Group members.